Nancy Ouchida Howell’s workshop on Lacy Letters

Members comments:
‘This was a delightful technique for decorating Versals.  With quite simple patterns, using white on black (or any dark colour card), the effect was fantastic!’20160924_112308

Nancy’s natural enthusiasm and encouragement made her Lacy Letters workshop great fun.
It was a really enjoyable day and we left with several ideas for future projects using her techniques.

There was a tutor named Nancy who made us write letters so fancy  …. With the aid of special nibs and paint Nancy enabled us to draw some finely decorated versals.

Nancy’s demonstration of outlines of a versal letter was just the start of a gloriously enjoyable day making contrasting patterns inside and around the edge of versal letters.

A large table of students examples of versal letters decorated with such a variety of curves and straight geometric designs was an inspiration for me.

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Jan Mehigan’s workshop on Rotunda

In this workshop Jan taught us the Rotunda script, both upper and lower case. This was done in a very informal and relaxed atmosphere. Jan Mehigan is an excellent communicator. The morning was spent studying the lower case letters, and during the afternoon we concentrated on upper case. To round off the day we were invited by Jan to write out a piece of text or poetry to help us practice the script. A really excellent workshop. Isabel

H's work

We had a wonderful time at our Rotunda workshop. Rotunda is a Gothic hand but more rounded in character and comes from late 15th & 16th century Italy. Jan Mehigan is a brilliant teacher and a lovely person, so easy to understand and gave us lots of support and many tips on all aspects of calligraphy. I look forward to our next workshop with Jan (who said she’d love to come back to us!). Bernie

JM&group of students



JMatdesk tutorJan Mehigan is a fantastic calligrapher and one of the nicest teachers of the art I’ve met; she was enthusiastic, encouraging and generous with her knowledge and support; a great day and Jan should definitely be added to the list of Lingfield Scribes’ preferred providers! Karen

JM goes without saying is very knowledgeable, skilled, ‘down to earth’ and engaging! She brought in topics about gilding and making quills and reed pens. Robin

Please thank the members of Lingfield Scribes for a lovely workshop. Jan’s message to students

Jim Linwood’s talk on Copperplate

Jim LinwoodJim’s talk was a very personal account of his friendship with Fred Marns and a wonderful exploration of how copperplate emerged inspite of Edward Johnston’s book Writing & Illuminating & Lettering excluding any mention of copperplate.

There were many examples of Jim’s work written with gold and colours on black paper and many other colours on white paper. The compositions were expressive of the poetry’s content & different ways of interpreting the words.  We were able to appreciate the artistry and delicacy of Jim’s copperplate work which he kindly brought for us to see.

Jim had asked Sue for a list of members so that he could show how much he wanted everyone to enjoy a personal piece of copperplate written with their name & hoped they will keep their calligraphic interest flourishing.


Jim is a superb exponent of the Copperplate script. His is also extremely patient and attentive when demonstrating and teaching, and the Lingfield Lovelies all enjoy our meetings with him as they struggle to improve.

LORDJim was a founder member of the CSIG (Copperplate Special Interest Group) which links fellow-Copperplate folk via a quarterly magazine which consists of work submitted by those of all levels, their experience of learning Copperplate and articles on professional Copperplate calligraphers etc.

Joy Daniels runs the magazine. Incorporated into the CSIG is an envelope exchange which is optional to join. Joy then sends out a list periodically of people to send an envelope to each month. The addresses are then rotated so you have a fresh group of people each time.

Lingfield Scribes are extremely lucky to have Jim living in the locality and that he is prepared to tutor a group of members every couple of months or so, giving us invaluable guidance in our learning of Copperplate of which he is a master.

He has a genius for words and has written many, many comic verses ‘pangramericks’ using all the letters of the alphabet which he freely gives out to us so that we have the fun of using them during our practice.

He is an excellent story-teller and raconteur.  Members enjoyed listening to his talk and answers to questions and seeing his expertise in the work he showed.

Playful with Pencils workshop


Thanks for the fun Lisa

“Lisa showed us how to draw expressive Roman Capitals with a very very sharp pencil.  I enjoyed working with all the stages of classic to casual capitals freeing up habits of formal proportions.”  Sue

“What a lovely day, thanks to Lisa’s patience and infectious enthusiasm I think some of us have become addicted to a new form of writing, I look forward to her coming back next year.” Andrew

“A delightful and well presented workshop.  I hadn’t really used pencils for calligraphy before and it was interesting and informative to learn what could be achieved using the technique of pressure and release, and then adding colour to complete a piece of work.  It is a technique I hope to use in the future.”  Isabel

“I found Playing with Pencils was a FLEXIBLE and FUN script.  Just to have a center line and move your letters around it was a very enjoyable break from the norm.” Judy


Are we having fun? Sue told Peter Thornton how difficult she found pressure & release.   Peter  “Oh I practiced it for a month before it felt natural !!” 

“Fun is when you quit and go and get a martini”  quote from Jim Lewis [calligrapher & graphic lettering artist USA]