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Study Sessions give members time to revise & work on scripts & personal projects.

August 19th Study Session 10 – 2pm All levels welcome.

September 30th Study Session 10 – 2pm All levels welcome.

JANS-CELTIC-CHARISMA.jpg-w2 October 14th 10 – 4pm ‘Half Uncials with Celtic Charisma’
Tutor Jan Pickett

We take an in depth look at this elegant style, full of Celtic charisma, comprising a curious mixture of capital and minuscule letterforms. Make your lettering come alive with the magical celtic ingredients of both traditional and contemporary decoration




CHRISMASSY.jpg-wNovember 18th 10 –4pm ‘Christmassy’
Tutor: Kathy Taylor

Impress and delight your family and friends with the exciting personalized cards that will make them feel special.   Spend a relaxing day creating and decorating designs that can be adapted for any occasion.  I guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy yourself and come away with many ideas to develop