Letters After Lindisfarne


The Lindisfarne Gospels book is normally housed in the British Library was on display at Durham University as the focus of a celebration of the creative, artistic and spiritual heritage of the North East.  (More information at http://www.lindisfarnegospels.com)

In connection with this The International Research Centre for Calligraphy at the University of Sunderland launched ‘Letters after Lindisfarne’.  They invited members of regional calligraphy groups to contribute to a one-off book, not a stylistic or a textual replica but as a contemporary response to the Lindisfarne Gospels.

Each contribution is on a single sheet of paper, to be folded giving two adjacent pages of size 342x248mm, the metric equivalent of a Lindisfarne Gospels page.

Participants were given, via their groups, a limited list of ‘springboard’ words from a modern translation of the New Testament and invited to work with them in whatever way they wished.  Suggested starting points were:

1.   Write out the biblical passage from which the word comes.

2.   Choose a non-biblical piece of poetry or prose containing the word.

3.   Write a factual text inspired by one aspect of a word, eg start, boat or mountain.

4.   Create an abstract piece around a single word.

The contributed work was displayed in Durham while the Lindisfarne Gospels were being exhibited and the resultant bound volume(s) will be presented to the Cathedral Library.

With springboard words from the Gospel of St John, four contributions have been submitted from the Lingfield Scribes:

Sue Cox; books



Bernie Laird and Karen Rainger; blessed



Judy Aldrich and Lisa Davis; night, morning



Robin Dewell and Hazel Walter; spirit, fire, peace


if you wish to see any of  the other pages  from the 7 volumes of calligraphers work please go to: http://www.ircc.org.uk/letterscapes/LALgallery/index.html